winter is the season when every part of your life comes into sharp focus. every flaw in your life, every small thing that you've brushed aside, saved for later, or fixed "good enough" comes back to bite with cold, sharp little teeth. you plan for the worst and still come up lacking. snowflakes become avalanches, … Continue reading insulation

out of hibernation

a running chestnut arabian stallion

mea culpa; apparently, i go dormant every winter. after the coldest winter probably since the apex of the last ice age, spring is finally nosing its way in the door finally in the mountains of vermont. on monday, it was 70ºF, the first time it's been that warm since October. The average temperature this past … Continue reading out of hibernation

placeholder haiku

there is a lot going on here in the wintry hills, but most of it i can't talk about for Legal Reasons, which sounds very ominous, but isn't at all. at least this time they are someone else's Legal Reasons. take it from the voice of experience, this is a blessing we do not give thanks … Continue reading placeholder haiku

error: spring not found

this intrepid blogger, hereinafter dubbed mud maiden, has just returned from a two week family vacation to california. while i was gone, the three or four feet of snow melted, leaving behind the muddy brown landscape of early vermont spring, an endless carpet of matted soggy brown grass, earthy squishiness, and manure that takes a … Continue reading error: spring not found

pony boarding school, mark 3

in between dashing around central vermont yesterday fetching teenagers and carting them hither and yon for the purposes of my daughter's filmmaking project, we moved soni to his new temporary home. i had best intentions to document it with pictures, but this didn't happen. it didn't happen because i got home late and my uncle … Continue reading pony boarding school, mark 3

animals amok!

it has been rifle season, so of course the horses have been getting out and wandering in the woods. this is courtesy of soni, who is undaunted by the electric fence and has been breaking it on a corner twice a day, every day for three days. they all go to the shed, help themselves … Continue reading animals amok!

lazy sun days

i have this problem: i can't be lazy. oh, i try. and i'm a world-class procrastinator and amateur layabout, don't get me wrong. it's just that when i'm faced with a weekend, two blissful days of not-having-to-be-anywhere-or-do-anything, i can't do nothing. i talk big on friday afternoon "o HO! i see thou, weekend! i shall squander … Continue reading lazy sun days

soni: the horse that no one wanted

about ten years ago, i started to collect horses. okay, that's not precisely true. we worked with a rescue organization out of long island, NY and adopted two PMU foals, rosie and qohqoh. after several months of working with these unhandled baby horses, we arranged to adopt q0hq0h's mother, dana, and a retired ranch horse. … Continue reading soni: the horse that no one wanted

horseshoe nails

the line between utility and art is blurred in this pale, pointed dart. heavy, sharply silver nail uniform in every part.