placeholder haiku

there is a lot going on here in the wintry hills, but most of it i can’t talk about for Legal Reasons, which sounds very ominous, but isn’t at all. at least this time they are someone else’s Legal Reasons. take it from the voice of experience, this is a blessing we do not give thanks for enough.

at any rate, i am a terrible blogger. the exciting news is that a local company is installing actualfactual fiber optic cable in my neighborhood which means that we may have real-life internet some time in the near future which means probably more reliable blogging. but, you know. some time in 2015.

in the meantime (ha), i’m still busily haiku-ing over at ello, where apparently i am the only user (according to my feed), so have some fall- and winter-themed haiku:

full moon, empty wind,
a crash of oak leaves and smoke,
the air is frost-tipped.

long pink worms stretching
languorously on asphalt
like lazy ladies.

slithery water
drizzling down the collar
rain like mercury.

flowers when they wilt:
spent balloons of youth, beauty,
rubbery, now gone.

geese with strings on wings
pulling seasons behind them.
south now; snow to come.

wintery exhale,
breath of ice and breath of steam:

early morning plumes
rising up like plains signals,
lost words in the smoke.

venerable tree,
home of woodpeckers and bugs,
now wind-wrecked, grounded.

slanting winter light
still shining on golden fall
too early? too late?

frenetic snowflakes
like popcorn unleashed from pans
never to settle.

drama in the skies,
riots of sunset, sunrise,
canvases of gods.

frost is a weapon
to the grass, the ferns, the greens:
blasted, burned, bloodied.

corn stubble in rows
golden soldiers or tombstones
arrayed in the sun.

fish’s eggs of glass
still drops clinging to grasses
hatching fish of frost.

under white snow banks
green grass lingers until spring
quick thaw gives a peek.

bonfire through dark trees
cold pink fire on the snow’s skin
it is the moonrise.

and the rare-for-me 3-5-3:

hold fast, moss.
stalwart among bricks
in winter.

finally, this last one is a link that will take you to a page soliciting donations (cash or horse chow or what-have-you) to help 2 dozen horses that were seized locally due to alleged neglect. there’s also a crowdrise page here with a short video. if you can spare a tenner (or more) to help rehabilitate these horses, please do. i know these nags from way back and they’re a solid bunch, very deserving of a hand up:

hide over horse bones
stretched from peak to peak of horse
lone, starved… but alive.

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