new spring shoots are usually green, but they appear in other bewitching shades: smooth, shining peony fingers the color of fresh blood; stinging nettles as violet and barbed as a bruise; the tender, fleshy pink tendrils of bleeding heart. what thrusts up from the chill, dormant earth is often astonishing and mournfully lovely. in the … Continue reading alone


there’s a little rowan tree growing in my garden. well, at the moment, it’s sleeping soundly. but last fall, i received a small sapling, grown with love by a twitter friend and gifted to me when i visited his garden. sorbus pseudovilmorinii, a distant relative of our native serviceberry, with lacy fronds for foliage and … Continue reading rowan

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living in your own head, in your own body, you should be the expert in your own existence. and yet, the constant upload of norms and mores and values and beliefs blocks all but the most in-depth existential understanding of self. i only ever remember feeling like me. i was called "girl", but that was … Continue reading 01100111 01101001 01110010 01101100 00001010