pony boarding school, mark 3

in between dashing around central vermont yesterday fetching teenagers and carting them hither and yon for the purposes of my daughter’s filmmaking project, we moved soni to his new temporary home. i had best intentions to document it with pictures, but this didn’t happen. it didn’t happen because i got home late and my uncle was already loading the horse when i got there. then i had to run inside to get soni’s blankets. then on the road for the half hour drive to his new digs. then other stuff happened.

uncle loaded soni into his stock trailer (with ease: he’s such a good pony) and tied him securely in the back section. the trailer is small, two sections with the front section being about 75% as big as the back. there’s a gate between the two sections that latches securely.

the dirt roads were hellishly dusty. i had the truck and trailer following me so that i could find the destination on google maps and lead them there, grain and blankets in hand, but there were many times when i couldn’t see the trailer at all with the dust i was kicking up. about half the journey was made on dirt roads and they were all absolutely billowing.

we pulled into the driveway by J’s barn, got out of our vehicles and… soni wasn’t where we left him. he was still tied… in the front section of the trailer. with the door closed and latched betweeni mean, wut? he was also entirely uninjured. and very dusty. whatever he’d been up to back there on the ride over, he’d gotten himself a bit worked up and sweaty. i went in to check, then untie him, when the resident goat, fetched in to keep the lonely gelding company (to neither of their satisfaction), skipped right onto the trailer and underneath soni’s feet. soni, who doesn’t like goats. soni, who once picked up a goat just about the same size as this one with his teeth and tossed her several feet into the air. my heart stopped for a second, but soni decided not to kill either the goat under his feet or the human near his head.

J’s gelding was running the fenceline and screaming. with her permission, i brought soni over to say ‘hi’. they whuffled muzzles for a minute or so, then soni squealed and wandered off, uninterested in this new dude. the other gelding was completely wound up, but soni had had enough for one day and was full-on sulking. we brought him into the barn and got him settled in his stall, put a fleece blanket on him to wick off the sweat and keep him from chilling.

J and i chatted for an hour or so while soni dried off and his new companion ran around outside hollering and complaining. i finally had to leave to go ferry teenagers around some more, so i said goodbye to the boy, made myself feel better with a horse cookie provided by J, and left them to all get to know each other.

despite his initial aloofness, i feel sure that when we go back to get him in june, he’ll be leaving his best buddy. time will tell.

3 thoughts on “pony boarding school, mark 3

  1. Oh Soni. Hope this is a better fit than the last place he was at.

    This post showed up in my email and I thought it was at wordpress. But I found it!


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