ello, haiku! and all goats go to heaven

do you know ello? unless you live under a larger rock than i do, you have probably heard about the start up of this new, simple, ad-free social media site. simple and ad-free are what i'm all about. part of my role as curmudgeon is to hate flashing, intrusive, obnoxious content that i didn't ask … Continue reading ello, haiku! and all goats go to heaven

the spindle

long skeins run north to southin heather strands of greywith flecks of white and black spun inknitting winter from the windsblending soft angora flakes of snowwith rugged red and chestnut woolto craft a fabric that wraps the worldin somnolent silencethe seed of summer lies quieta small death that will spin backward come april when thelong … Continue reading the spindle

horseshoe nails

the line between utility and art is blurred in this pale, pointed dart. heavy, sharply silver nail uniform in every part.

ode to a cow

dawn: gray and silver, chill frost. cold pail. the morning is painted in metal: gold, platinum, silver and earth: ochre, umber, black, and soil. the hinges of the handle of the pail creak and jingle. small cloven hooves of caprines skip over the pale grass. the cattle lift their heads, massive furzy heads with tufts … Continue reading ode to a cow