the feeder report

the birds have been sparse this winter. not that there aren't a metric tonne of chickadees at the feeders every day, but there isn't a lot of variety out there. a half dozen blue jays, the occasional nuthatch (white bellied and red), two sizes of woodpecker (hairy and downy), a few too many mourning doves, … Continue reading the feeder report

ebb & flow

this autumn season has been a series of tiny vignettes, none of them poignant or significant enough to get me writing about them. there was the hour i spent being a human chickadee feeder, standing with my arms out, palms full of seed, and letting the little wonders take feed from my hands. that was … Continue reading ebb & flow

raven morning

yesterday's slimy storm is over, leaving a shallow layer of slippery snow over the solid ice that was there on sunday. navigating our long, twisty driveway is a matter of faith and four-wheel-drive on mornings like this. i had just pulled out onto the road when i noticed a dark fluttering ahead. crows, i assumed, … Continue reading raven morning

snipe hunt

i've got several posts in the works, but spring has definitely sprung in vermont and there is no longer enough time in the day to do all the things i need to do, all the things i want to do, plus sleep and pee. until i get a rainy day with no Mom:Chauffeur duties, have … Continue reading snipe hunt