error: spring not found

this intrepid blogger, hereinafter dubbed mud maiden, has just returned from a two week family vacation to california. while i was gone, the three or four feet of snow melted, leaving behind the muddy brown landscape of early vermont spring, an endless carpet of matted soggy brown grass, earthy squishiness, and manure that takes a … Continue reading error: spring not found

chickenasaurus rex

i find it interesting how many people i meet who are deathly afraid of the average hen. at first i was perplexed, but the longer i know chickens (and now ducks), the less i am chagrined at the monkeybrain twitch that causes people to read "poultry" as "thunderlizard" and do without, thank you very much … Continue reading chickenasaurus rex

rooster redux

i lost my primary rooster last night. he was a silkie, a little blue fireball named ozzer who inspired fear in all the other roosters. all man, that one. this means that the pecking order will need to be reestablished, which is uncomfortable from a human standpoint. all the bullying, all the pecking and infighting. … Continue reading rooster redux

on living rural (and introversion), v.1

every once in a while, i come across an article or throwaway line about what dumb yokels country folk are. these get right the hell up my nose, because they're inevitably couched in this smug, hipster philosophy that we just don't know any better. like, it can never be a conscious choice to live out … Continue reading on living rural (and introversion), v.1

gratuitous chicken pictures: a chronological slideshow from the department of backstory

while putting together an earlier post, i had to go to my all-but-defunct photobucket account and i found a lot of pictures there that i'd forgotten about entirely. they're pictures that i posted long ago on a private journal, so friends and family have likely seen them before. for everyone else, this is exactly like … Continue reading gratuitous chicken pictures: a chronological slideshow from the department of backstory