for some reason , fall is the time when deer are most active on my property. i like to think they're smart enough to know that i'm a bleeding-heart sapsucker with quiet woods and zero tolerance for projectile weapons around my livestock, but it's probably less intellectual than that. they're probably just moving from the … Continue reading eyeshine

on the edge of the bliss

i was born in september; it's my time. we who live in temperate climates have an almost primal tie to the cycles: to the the holding up of light against the darkness, to bonfires, to harvest, to the dying land. there's a thrum in the blood, a return to the hunt, something fierce and violent, but right on … Continue reading on the edge of the bliss

october night (willow)

the gumboot gumshoe has become a dog-blogger, but this too shall pass. i have a texas a&m quail on the farm now (just one) and it's time to batten down the hatches for winter, with associated fencing and running-of-electrical-cords and i will get to all that, but today is about willow, who, YES, is still … Continue reading october night (willow)